Hi Rob,

It's a pleasure to review your submission. I chose to review your work because I find your images to be immediately arresting and engaging. You clearly have a talent working with people and you also have a strong sense of how to use a beautiful tonal range when processing the black and white images.

In response to your request for feedback, I would say that the quality of your images as portraits is very high. In fact, I would say they are distinctly of a professional quality. While you submitted them as singles, I have the advantage (unlike the judges) of seeing the images all together. What impresses me so much is that you are clearly choosing a very particular style and approach for each individual rather than having "a style" and then impressing that style upon each person. That happens way too often in photography. So, in short, your images are very strong. I particularly am drawn to images 1 and 3, but as I have already said, they are all good. 1 is fantastic because there is a hint of anxiety or worry in her face. And 3 is such a wonderful and intense moment. No less, you have balanced the black and white elements in the photograph to create a beautiful mosaic.

Image 5 I don't think I would assess as a portrait :-) There are a lot of elements of this image that work really well for me. I like the slight bit of camera shake. The criss-crossing electrical lines add a hurried and slightly chaotic feeling to the image. And the disappearing car is quite strong too. As a landscape/street photograph, I like it.

Based on your success already, it seems apparent that you are already well on your way to make this a professional pursuit. I always tell burgeoning photographers to be careful what they wish for... it's a difficult business. Yet you are clearly quite talented so there is no doubt you are well along your way.

Wishing you the best of luck Rob.

- The LensCulture website featuring my submission for the BW Awards.

Google Images now displays image credits based on IPTC Photo Metadata

Rights-related photo metadata can now be accessed directly in Google Image Search results, thanks to a joint effort by IPTC, Google and CEPIC, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies.

Google, the IPTC and CEPIC worked together closely to determine the best way to incorporate metadata in Google search results of images to identify an image’s author and rights holder.

When users see an image in a Google search result, they can click the “image credits” link to see the image’s creator and credit information, read from IPTC embedded metadata. Over the coming weeks, copyright notice metadata will also be added.

“Embedded IPTC photo metadata has an essential role for photos posted on a website,” said Michael Steidl, lead of IPTC’s Photo Metadata and Video Metadata Working Groups. “These fields easily show people searching for images who its creator and copyright owner is. We encourage all parties who post images on the web to fill in these IPTC fields.”

Photo metadata is vital to guarding images’ licensing and copyright information online, and essential for managing digital assets.

The IPTC Photo Metadata Standard is the most widely used specification for describing photos, due to its universal acceptance among news outlets, photographers and photo agencies, libraries, museums and other related organisations. Most major photo software vendors support IPTC’s Photo Metadata Standard.

In a recent blog post, Google Image’s product manager Ashutosh Agarwal said this change will help promote “a healthy visual content ecosystem.”

Brendan Quinn, Managing Director of IPTC, said “we are looking forward to continuing our work with Google on IPTC Photo Metadata and other areas. We have a ton of ideas on how we can work together and are looking forward to using our standards to make the web more searchable and more accountable.”

IPTC has prepared a Quick Guide to IPTC Photo Metadata and Google Image Search to help users, developers and site administrators understand what they need to do to ensure that their metadata is shown in Google Image Search results.

For more detailed help with questions and implementation of IPTC’s Photo Metadata standard, see our IPTC Metadata User Guide.

Publishers, broadcasters, news and photo agencies and tool vendors are encouraged to join IPTC to work with us and Google on future projects. See the Participate pages for information on joining and working with IPTC.


It had been in my wallet for about 20 years, this half decayed piece of paper. From the time that having a Filofax was still a must. It tells the story of the many conversations I had with my grandfather at the end of his life. Frisian of birth, a deep Frisian (deep frozen) as it is called, big and quiet. Not so in his last years. He told about his life, where he came from, the family. A family of peat cutters in Almenum, a village between Harlingen and Franeker, the municipality of Barradeel. "But all that doesn't exist anymore, seun. All demolished and removed." Still, I wrote it down, you never knew.

That ‘never’ was yesterday. Almenum now appears to have merged into Harlingen and has the status of a hamlet and the Koningskwartier is nowadays no more than an industrial area with some old workers' houses scattered here and there, close to the harbour. And despite the fact that no. 4 does not exist and that no. 104 now has a prefabricated production hall shining, it was still a special moment.


Northern Lights Photography Masterclass - final session

Last weekend the last session of our Northern Lights Photography Masterclass 2017/2018 took place in Amsterdam. Again we had a great and inspiring 3 days with guest lecturers Arianna Rinaldo and Rebecca McClelland. Thanks to all my colleague participants for all the energy, good vibes, laughter, tears and respect. What a great loving and caring group we were! And, thank you Jim Casper, Lars Boering and Marc Prüst for all the wise words, the sharing of knowledge and coaching in these 9 months. It was sometimes truly difficult to keep up with it but it was absolutely well worth the effort! Wow! #northernlights #photography #masterclass #noorderlicht

- Arianna Rinaldo and her lecture on editing, photo festivals and her own carreer.

- Arianna Rinaldo and her lecture on editing, photo festivals and her own carreer.

Northern Lights Photography Masterclass

I had a great review yesterday of my personal project HEIM (He secretly carried her picture). After a difficult start last year at the Northern Lights Photography Masterclass I am finally getting there! Very nice and encouraging words from Jim Casper (Lensculture) and if I can take his word for it: there's an exhibition in the making! 

- Probably the final selection (for now, that is ...)

- Probably the final selection (for now, that is ...)

Portfolio book ready for presentation!

After months of extensive preparations, making dummies, having it reviewed several times and some wise words from some very wise people, it's finally there: my new portfolio book! Ready for presentation. I am so very happy with it! Don't hesitate to call or email me, I would be very happy to drop by and show you the book. 

- The new portfolio book

- The new portfolio book

New office at Holland Park

Our new Amsterdam office is now fully operational at Holland Park as from today! Some decorating still has to be done but that will come eventually. For now, we're back in business again after our moving from Haarlem to Diemen Zuid (Amsterdam).

- Our new office in the making.

- Our new office in the making.

Working on it! A portfolio book.

I've been thinking about it for years, but it never really came true. Now, following the Northern Lights Photography Masterclass I'm participating in, I'm finally going to do it: create a portfolio book. Ordered at Heiner Hauck's in Germany, this A3 landscape book with 30 sheets arrived at my home this week. I am now busy selecting images, editing and printing. It should be finished by the end of the year completely!

- My new portfolio book: Rob Severein stories

- My new portfolio book: Rob Severein stories