Hi Rob,

It's a pleasure to review your submission. I chose to review your work because I find your images to be immediately arresting and engaging. You clearly have a talent working with people and you also have a strong sense of how to use a beautiful tonal range when processing the black and white images.

In response to your request for feedback, I would say that the quality of your images as portraits is very high. In fact, I would say they are distinctly of a professional quality. While you submitted them as singles, I have the advantage (unlike the judges) of seeing the images all together. What impresses me so much is that you are clearly choosing a very particular style and approach for each individual rather than having "a style" and then impressing that style upon each person. That happens way too often in photography. So, in short, your images are very strong. I particularly am drawn to images 1 and 3, but as I have already said, they are all good. 1 is fantastic because there is a hint of anxiety or worry in her face. And 3 is such a wonderful and intense moment. No less, you have balanced the black and white elements in the photograph to create a beautiful mosaic.

Image 5 I don't think I would assess as a portrait :-) There are a lot of elements of this image that work really well for me. I like the slight bit of camera shake. The criss-crossing electrical lines add a hurried and slightly chaotic feeling to the image. And the disappearing car is quite strong too. As a landscape/street photograph, I like it.

Based on your success already, it seems apparent that you are already well on your way to make this a professional pursuit. I always tell burgeoning photographers to be careful what they wish for... it's a difficult business. Yet you are clearly quite talented so there is no doubt you are well along your way.

Wishing you the best of luck Rob.

- The LensCulture website featuring my submission for the BW Awards.