- Provisional cover

- Provisional cover

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Foarby Nij Altoenae


In 'Foarby Nij Altoenae' I take you to a country beyond the end of the inhabited world. 

To discover a tough area. Empty and deserted. Unruly. And with infinite distances.

A land that refuses to please. Where silence reigns.

And yet, there are still a few people living there ...

Inspired by the works of Dutch poet and musician Jan Kleefstra, 'Foarby Nij Altoenae' captures the harshness of the landscape and combines it with portraits and stills into a series of photographs that explores a fascination with the lives of headstrong people away from the everyday and their connection with this land.

But, like most stories, ‘Foarby Nij Altoenae’ is an interpretation of the truth. The work bounces between fact and fiction, between reality and myth.

A book will be published in 2020.