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28.12.2016  Ongoing

'And this I dreamt, and this I dream' *



‘And this I dreamt, and this I dream' is like an endless journey ... It is the result of a personal and intimate process, a quest that started in the village of Langschede in the Ruhr area in Germany. Once the village was home to Mannesmann Stahlblechbau, a notorious anti-Semitic Nazi company to which my grandfather Adriaan Cornelis Augusteijn was sent in the Second World War and where he had to perform forced labour in the so-called 'Arbeitseinsatz'. It was the time of the battle of Stalingrad. On a cold winter night in December 1943 he escaped and allegedly started a long, barren trip home. On foot.

This family story became the starting point, inspiration and basis of a highly personal, sometimes uneasy journey in search of the origin of my fascination for existential themes such as solitude (and the beauty of it), disquiet, inner stillness and being on the move. The roaming along fields and meadows. Man in his relation to the environment. In many ways it brought me home. From Langschede via the Ruhr area and through many other wanderings. 


The lens records, the eye creates.

The provisional result is a series of unique images that reflect on the surrounding landscape and visualise what I have been seeing, feeling and dreaming. Poetic, symbolic and magical. Quiet and impressionistic.

The work suggests rather than explains, it invites to question rather than to understand. It is an exploration of the soul, an inner sensitivity creating a melancholic, expressive mood.

The title 'And this I dreamt, and this I dream' originates from a 1974 poem by Russian poet Arseny Alexandrovich Tarkovsky, a beautiful contemplation of the fleeting, ephemeral world.


* From: Life, Life - Selected Poems by Arseny Tarkovsky. Crescent Moon Publishing

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